Ukraine Confirms St Petersburg Attack, Claims Drone Flew Over Putin’s Valdai Residence

Ukrainian drones struck an oil depot in Russia’s St Petersburg overnight, a source in Kyiv’s security services has confirmed to Kyiv Post, with one of them reportedly having flown over President Putin’s Valdai residence.

It marks the first time the northern city – which is some 1,000 kilometers from Ukraine – has been attacked since the launch of Russia’s full-scale invasion.

Russia’s defense ministry said on Tuesday morning that it had shot down one drone near Moscow and intercepted another in the northeastern region of Leningrad, the region surrounding St Petersburg.

It did not provide details of any damage or casualties.

According to the Russian Baza Telegram channel, the drone’s wreckage fell between fuel oil tanks at an elevator site at the St. Petersburg Oil Terminal, Russia’s largest oil transshipment terminal in the Baltic region.

A fire reportedly broke out, with a burning area of 130 square meters.

The security service source told Kyiv Post there was damage to the oil terminal but did not provide further details.

“Also, during the operation, one of the drones flew over Valdai, where the personal estates of the Rothenbergs, Kovalchuk and one of Putin’s palaces are located,” they added.

Putin’s Valdai residence is located in Russia’s Novgorod region, midway between St. Petersburg and Moscow.

While Russian authorities spoke of only one drone being intercepted, Russian media reported several had attacked the oil terminal including one carrying “about 3kg of explosives.”

The security service source did not reveal the number or types of drone used in the attack or their payload but said “maybe they were carrying treats.”

Last year it was reported Ukraine had begun mass production of kamikaze drones with a range of 1000km.

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