Report: “Havana Syndrome” Tied to Russian Intelligence Unit, Unveiling a Mysterious Illness


Washington: A recent collaborative media investigation has established a connection between the enigmatic symptoms known as Havana Syndrome and a Russian intelligence unit, disclosed on Monday. The onset of Havana Syndrome was initially documented in 2016 when US diplomats stationed in Cuba reported instances of sudden illness and disturbing nocturnal noises, sparking conjecture about a … Read more

Nearly 100 Still Missing After Moscow Attack: Report


Moscow: As many as 95 people are still missing after last week’s attack near Moscow when gunmen sprayed concertgoers with automatic weapons and set the venue on fire, a Russian news outlet reported on Wednesday. The official toll from the attack on Crocus City Hall now stands at 140 dead and 182 wounded. But the Baza … Read more

US Announces $300 Million Military Aid Package For Ukraine


Washington: US President Joe Biden announced on Tuesday a $300 million emergency weapons package to prop up Ukraine while Congress blocks further aid, as Poland’s leaders visited the White House to warn of the growing threat from Russia. Biden said the stopgap shipment of missiles, shells and ammunition for Kyiv was “not nearly enough” and would … Read more

Andrew Tate Detained In Romania Over UK Sex Offence Charges


Bucharest: Controversial influencer Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan have been arrested in Romania over UK sex offence charges, police said on Tuesday. Romanian authorities said in a statement they executed “two European arrest warrants issued by the UK judicial authorities for the committing of sexual offences, of exploitation of persons on the territory of the … Read more

Pakistan: The new Prime Minister of Pakistan will be elected on March 3, PML-N’s Shehbaz Sharif leads the race.

General elections were held in Pakistan on February 8. In this, most of the independent candidates supporting Imran Khan had won. However, no party could get the required seats to form the government. Pakistan will get a new Prime Minister on Sunday i.e. March 3. Yesterday, the Secretariat of the National Assembly of Pakistan announced … Read more