Cybercriminals stole PNR of a flyer, then cancelled his Rs 72,000 Indigo tickets, company confirms


In a recent series of cyber fraud incidents, Indigo Airlines has confirmed that cybercriminals targeted passengers by obtaining their PNR (Passenger Name Record) details and manipulating their contact information. The airline issued a cautionary advisory on Wednesday, urging passengers not to share their PNR and contact details on public forums. The most recent incident involved … Read more

Microsoft Joins the $3 Trillion Club as the Second Company. The First Was…


In New York, Microsoft achieved a milestone on Wednesday, joining Apple in the exclusive three trillion dollar club. Microsoft’s significant investment in artificial intelligence has garnered praise from Wall Street, elevating it to the position of the world’s second-largest company by market capitalization. The company’s shares rose by 1.31 percent to $404. Apple, currently the … Read more

Samsung Turns To Artificial Intelligence To Become World’s Biggest Phone Seller


On Wednesday, Samsung launched its latest Galaxy smartphones, incorporating new artificial intelligence features in a bid to reclaim the title of the world’s largest phone seller from Apple. T.M. Roh, the president of Samsung, emphasized the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on the mobile industry during an event in San Jose, California. Roh highlighted Samsung’s … Read more

Sam Altman Reveals His Most Used App Is Not ChatGPT In Bill Gates Podcast

Sam Altman

The mobile app of OpenAI’s ChatGPT has been downloaded more than 110 million times globally since its launch in November 2022. The artificial intelligence chatbot has become a daily essential to millions of users. But it’s actually not the most reached-for app on OpenAI CEO Sam Altman’s phone, he said in an interview with Bill Gates aired yesterday (Jan. 11). In the latest episode … Read more