Samsung Turns To Artificial Intelligence To Become World’s Biggest Phone Seller

On Wednesday, Samsung launched its latest Galaxy smartphones, incorporating new artificial intelligence features in a bid to reclaim the title of the world’s largest phone seller from Apple. T.M. Roh, the president of Samsung, emphasized the transformative impact of Artificial Intelligence on the mobile industry during an event in San Jose, California.

Roh highlighted Samsung’s ambition to lead in the integration of AI into mobile devices, making them the primary platforms for AI interactions. The flagship S24 Ultra, revealed at the event, boasts the ability to translate foreign language phone calls and texts in real-time. A Samsung executive compared this capability to having an on-the-fly interpreter for multi-lingual phone conversations, supporting 13 languages through Samsung’s proprietary AI technology.

In collaboration with Google, the S24 introduces an innovative search function using AI. Users can simply circle a phrase or image to initiate a search, eliminating the need for cumbersome cut-and-paste actions between apps. The AI enhancements extend to messaging and car system features, providing recommendations for responses or handling tasks to allow drivers to stay focused on the road.

AI also plays a crucial role in enhancing the phone’s camera capabilities, with generative AI assisting in background adjustments. These AI features are powered both locally and through the cloud, with some utilizing Google’s Gemini foundational model, which also underpins the tech giant’s Bard chatbot.

The Galaxy S24 series, featuring the top-of-the-line Ultra model starting at $1,299, is set to start shipping on January 31. This release comes shortly after industry data revealed that Apple’s iPhone had overtaken Samsung as the world’s best-selling smartphone in 2023. The iPhone sold 234.6 million units compared to Samsung’s 226.6 million units, ending Samsung’s 12-year reign as the leader.

In addition to the smartphone announcements, Samsung teased a smart ring at the end of the event, offering a brief glimpse on screen without providing specific details.

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