Knee pain: Why is knee pain happening at a young age? Be careful as soon as you see these symptoms

Knee Pain in the Young Age: Nowadays, the complaint of knee pain ie knee pain is being seen in young people too. There can be many reasons for knee pain. If these reasons are taken care of in time, then this problem can be eliminated. So let’s know about the causes, symptoms and treatment of knee pain at an early age.

Knee Pain: Knee pain or knee pain is a very common problem, which can affect people of any age. Some people believe that knee or joint pain is a disease of old age and does not have any effect at a young age. If you think so, then this is absolutely wrong. Knee pain is seen not only in older people, but also in younger people. Yes, it may be that some symptoms are less observed in younger people.

Young people have knee pain due to different reasons and this means that they should pay attention to this pain immediately, so that this problem does not increase further in the future. In this article, we are telling you about the reasons, due to which young people start having knee pain. Along with this, we will also tell about the symptoms and remedies.

Cause of knee pain in young age

According to Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel, orthopedic surgeon who has given more than 70 publications and 80 international presentations, when the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the knee are overworked, knee pain, stiffness and other symptoms can occur. begin to develop. Tendonitis and bursitis are some of the similar conditions, which are commonly associated with overuse of the knee. This problem is also seen in those people who were not active for a long time and suddenly start the activity. These types of injuries are quite common in adults.

According to Robert Gotlin, director of sports rehabilitation at Beth Israel Medical Center in New York, one of the most common causes of knee pain is a strain while running. Actually, when you move the heel back towards the hips while running, it causes more strain on the knee, which increases knee pain.

According to Robert Gotlin, arthritis can cause pain in knees or joints even at a very young age. If you are an athlete or are overweight, then it becomes more likely. Arthritis develops when the layer of cartilage inside your knee joint that cushions the knee becomes weak. Repeated injuries to the knee can also damage the cartilage, which increases the chances of developing arthritis. Obesity also puts more pressure on the cartilage that cushions the middle of the knees and increases the chances of arthritis.

Knee pain in young people is usually not due to arthritis, but it can be due to patellofemoral syndrome. Patellofemoral syndrome is a condition that causes pain in the front of the knee and around the knee.

Knee pain in young people is due to overuse and poor lifestyle. Mostly this happens when some muscles work more than other muscles, in such a situation, knee pain starts due to imbalance. Apart from this, due to injury, arthritis, ACL rupture, fracture, arthritis, bursitis, wrong posture etc. can also cause knee pain in young people.

Symptoms of knee pain in young age

There can be many reasons for the problem of knee pain in young people. But knee pain can be easily recognized by some symptoms. If you also have these symptoms for a long time, then see a doctor immediately.

  • swelling and stiffness
  • red knee
  • knee warm
  • Knee weakness
  • Knee loss in walking
  • Difficulty in fully straightening the knee
  • knee flexion pain

How do you stop knee pain at a young age?

According to Dr. Geoffrey Van Thiel, how to prevent knee pain at a young age can be adopted by some age-old measures. Many times these methods provide relief in knee pain. If even after adopting these measures, there is no relief, then tell an orthopedic doctor.

  • If there is pain in the knee, then the best way is to give rest to the knee.
  • Intense activity should be avoided in case of knee pain.
  • The best way is to apply ice for knee pain. This reduces swelling and then the pain may subside.
  • Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can be taken after consulting a doctor.
  • To reduce knee pain, you can do therapy or stretching exercises.

If the pain subsides, then the methods mentioned below can also provide relief. like:

  • During sports activities, wear shoes that are specifically designed for sports or physical activity.
  • Warm up well before any physical activity, exercise.
  • Also do leg exercises to keep the knee muscles strong and flexible.
  • Avoid physical activity that causes knee pain.
  • Get alerted immediately when you see the initial symptoms of pain.

(Disclaimer: In case of knee pain, follow these measures only when the doctor advises to follow these methods. Do not follow any method without the doctor’s advice.)

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