World Password Day: Google Gives Major Update On “Passwordless Future”

Tech giant Google has announced that users will soon be able to sign in to apps and websites using passkeys, which the company said is a major step towards “passwordless future”. In a blog post titled ‘The beginning of the end of the password’, Google said that it is rolling out support for passkeys across all its accounts on major platforms. The blog was posted a day before World Password Day, which is marked as a timely reminder for all internet users to evaluate their passwords.

“For some time we and others in the industry have been working on a simpler and safer alternative to passwords. While passwords will be with us for some time to come, they are often frustrating to remember and put you at risk if they end up in the wrong hands,” Google said in the blog post.

Passkeys, Google said, will be an additional option that people can use to sign in, alongside passwords, 2-Step Verification.

The blog post that by next World Password Day, users might not even need their passwords.

Google also explained what passkeys are – they let users sign in to apps and sites the same way they unlock their devices: with a fingerprint, a face scan or a screen lock PIN.

World Password Day is celebrated on the first Thursday of May. It encourages all the users to assess the strength and security of the passwords they use to secure their online accounts from hackers by taking the ‘Password Pledge’.

Experts also advised users to use different passwords for different accounts, such as your email, online banking, online shopping and social media. Otherwise, a cybercriminal can access all of the accounts by cracking just one password, they added.

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