Winter Storm Hits US Hard, Death Toll Rises To Over 60

US winter storm hit the people of North America as the toll of deceased reached 62 in US blizzard incidents, reported BBC. New York’s Buffalo itself has a death toll of 28 due to this blizzard, with thousands without power, reported Associated Press.

Buffalo’s state official said that military police have been asked to help manage traffic in the city and driving remains banned in the areas of Northern America where the US blizzard has hit. In this harsh winter storm, the rescue team has been checking every car that is stuck in snowbanks in order to check for survivors. However, sometimes they find bodies in the cars, said the New York official.

US winter storms disrupt life

Nothing has been normal since the winter storm hit North America as there has been a ban on driving. Flights have been cancelled, people are striving to survive, and even looting has been reported in some parts of the city. Around 4,800 flights were cancelled on Tuesday alone, which has left thousands of passengers struggling at airports across the country.

All of the numbers have not caught up at this time,” said Byron Brown,  Buffalo Mayor. Furthermore, he said, “We know that the [Erie] county number is larger.”

Mayor Brown called the US winter storm the worst said that more than 4000 people in the area had no electricity and at the peak of the storm, about 20,000 people have been without power. These conditions are expected to improve as on Tuesday, very little snowfall was reported, as per BBC reports. Mayor Brown added that because of the improvement in the weather conditions rescue operation has picked up the pace and the power has been restored.

Amid these extreme weather conditions, the president of the United States has been taking updates on the situation from the Governor of New York state, Governor Kathy Hochul and both Jill and Joe Biden are praying for the people of North America.

Taking it to Twitter, he wrote, I spoke with @GovKathyHochul to get an update on the extreme winter weather hitting New York. We stand ready to make sure they have the resources they need to get through this. My heart is with those who lost loved ones this holiday weekend. You are in my and Jill’s prayers.”

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