UAE issues overtime warning: Workers entitled to compensation

The UAE Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE) has listed conditions for overtime work during Ramadan, according to the Regulation of Labour Relations Law.

In a Twitter post, MoHRE said that “overtime conditions during Ramadan are similar to those applied throughout the year.”

Working overtime in the UAE

The authority said that an employer may request to work two hours of overtime per day maximum, however, they would be entitled to a compensation based on the law.

“Work required to prevent a massive loss, a serious accident, or the removal or mitigation of an accident is exempt from the maximum overtime hours,” MoHRE said, adding that “in all cases, the total number of working hours shall not exceed 144 in 3 weeks.”

In January, the MoHRE had clarified overtime rules under new labour regulations.

The authority said that employers can ask employees to work overtime, as per the Labour Relations Law and its regulations – however, there are a few conditions on which employers must comply with.

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