Sri Lanka Crisis: Police fired on protesters in Sri Lanka, one killed, 10 injured

Sri Lanka Crisis: India’s neighboring country Sri Lanka is in serious economic crisis. Here the police is using heavy force to suppress the protest. The President of the country has agreed that due to his mistakes, such a big crisis has arisen in the country.

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The deepening economic crisis in Sri Lanka
The country has a debt liability of $ 8.6 billion

Protests in Sri Lanka against the country’s plight are increasing. On Tuesday, the police used force to suppress the protest. During this, the police also opened fire, due to which one protester died, while 10 people were injured. The injured have been admitted to the hospital for treatment.

It is known that Sri Lankan President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has accepted that the country is facing such a dire economic crisis due to his wrong decisions. He has assured to do everything right.

Rajapaksa said this thing

The Sri Lankan President said, “In the last two and a half years we have faced tough challenges. The debt burden with the Kovid-19 pandemic and some of our mistakes…they need to be rectified. We need to fix them and move forward.” We have to grow. We have to regain the trust of the people.”

Mention these mistakes

The Sri Lankan President said that as the debt burden increased, he should have immediately approached the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Along with this, chemical fertilizers should not have been banned in the country. The Sri Lankan government had banned the use of chemical fertilizers to make agriculture completely organic in the country.

lock on stock market

Sri Lanka had announced that it would not be able to pay the debts of other countries for some time. Meanwhile, on April 16, there was a report that the Colombo Stock Exchange, Sri Lanka’s main stock market, would not be trading for five days from April 18. The Securities Commission of Sri Lanka gave this order to the Colombo Stock Exchange. Investors have been given this time keeping in view the economic conditions of the country.

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