Russian President Vladimir Putin announces, women to have 10 children, said – if everyone is alive, then there will be a reward of millions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a unique offer to the women of his country to have 10 or more children. In return, they will also be given money. At the same time, experts are considering this offer of Putin as a decision taken in desperation.

According to the President’s new proposal, the government will give around 13 lakh rupees (13,500 pounds) to the mothers in return for giving birth to ten children and keeping them alive. In fact, due to the Corona epidemic and the ongoing war with Ukraine, a population crisis has arisen in Russia. To deal with this, Putin has proposed this to the women of the country.

Countless deaths in Corona in Russia and 50 thousand Russian soldiers are estimated to have died in the Ukraine war so far. Security expert Dr. Jenny Mathers said Putin believes that families with more children are more patriotic. This is a very disappointing statement.

Work on increasing population since 1990

Attempts have been made to increase the population in Russia since the 1990s. Russia has had difficulties with demography. Mathers says it’s actually an attempt to motivate them to have bigger families. But who can imagine raising 10 children in so much money. In the meantime, where will they live and eat? Russia has many economic, social and political problems.

Must be a citizen of Russian Federation

According to this proposal of Putin, if a woman gives birth to ten children and keeps them alive, then the government will give them a reward of 13 lakh rupees as honor money under the ‘Mother Heroine’ scheme. To receive this honor, a woman must be a citizen of the Russian Federation. As per the government directive, if a mother loses her child in an emergency or terrorist attack, she will still be entitled to this honor.

Award will be given on the birthday of the tenth child

Prize money will be given to those women who have 10 or more children. According to the rules, the mother will get this amount on the first birthday of the tenth child. However, at that time it will be seen that the remaining nine children are alive. At present the population of Russia has fallen to 146 million. However, according to experts, this amount is very less to handle such a large family.

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