Russia-Ukraine War: ‘Father Of All Bombs’ Part of Russia’s Arsenal

The Russian arsenal includes a powerful non-nuclear 44 ton TNT bomb that has the capacity to cause widespread damage in a 300-kilometer radius.

According to reports in the British media, Russian President Vladimir Putin is planning to use the ‘Father Of All Bombs’ in the war against Ukraine.

Defense sources told the Mirror that the Russian President has ordered its use as part of his “shock and awe” campaign.

What is the Father Of All Bombs?

The bomb that Russia has is a thermobaric bomb. It is a super-powerful non-nuclear bomb that has a blast equivalent to more than 44 tons of TNT. Father Of All Bombs can cause damage in a radius of 300 meters.

The destructive weapon is dropped from a jet, detonates mid-air, and produces a similar effect to a small tactical nuclear weapon.

Most damage is inflicted by a supersonic shockwave and extremely high temperatures.

Russia developed FOAB in 2007. It’s said to be four times more powerful than the United States’ Mother Of All Bombs.

What is Mother Of All Bombs?

Mother Of All Bombs is owned by the United States. The country used MOAB for the first time against Islamic State in 2017. However, the US government refused to the number of people killed in the blast.

It was first tested in 2003 in Florida.

China’s Xian H-6K

China has also developed a bomb to counter the United States’ Mother Of All Bombs. In 2019, China tested Xian H-6K. According to the Chinese government’s complaint, Xian H-6K can destroy any building or military establishment.

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