Russia To Sell Ukraine President’s Holiday House To Fund Further Invasion

The Russian government has said that the money from the sale of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s vacation property will be used to finance Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine, according to The Telegraph.
The news outlet further reported that the Crimean leader appointed by Russia released a video in which he announced the local legislature’s decision to nationalise 57 assets formerly owned by Ukrainian businessmen and public figures.

“Crimea will regain rights for a number of properties, including a building in Simferopol that belongs to the banned Crimean Tatar parliament as well as Olena Zelenska’s flat,” said Crimean Governor Sergei Aksyonov, referring to the president’s flat that is registered in his wife’s name.

“Enemies of Russia won’t be making money in Russian Crimea,” he added.

The news outlet added that the Zelensky family had purchased a three-room penthouse apartment, which served as their vacation home, in the famed coastal town of Livadia in Crimea in 2013. However, because of consistent renovations and the annexation that followed, they were never able to move in.

The property was valued at roughly $800,000 (Rs 6,61,69120), according to the Russian state media.

The apartment will be auctioned off, with proceeds going towards Russia’s war in Ukraine, Vladimir Konstantinov, the speaker of Crimea’s parliament, said.

“It will be put up for sale, and the money will first of all go towards the needs of the special military operation, the families of the killed soldiers, and the families of the mobilised men,” he told state Russian TV.

Meanwhile, President Volodymyr Zelensky accused Russia of terrorising Ukrainians, as his military announced it had shot down 36 Iranian-made attack drones deployed by Moscow’s forces.

“The enemy continued to terrorise Ukraine by launching 36 Shaheds. None reached their target,” Zelensky said in a social media post.

“I’m grateful to our air defence forces for the 100 percent result.”

Russia subjected Ukraine to a campaign of aerial bombardments on key infrastructure during the winter months, but those attacks have waned recently.

“In total, 36 barrage munitions were launched from the northern and southern directions. The enemy presumably aimed to attack critical infrastructure and military facilities in the western regions of Ukraine,” the defence ministry said.

“All 36 Shaheds were shot down!”

Ukraine has become increasingly adept at taking down waves of Russian cruise missiles and drones after appealing to Western allies for greater air defence capabilities.

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