French Nun Sister Andre Becomes World’s Oldest Person At 118 Years, Who is Sister Andre?

According to the Guinness World Record Sister Andre aged 118 years and 73 days is the world’s oldest verified living person after Japanese record holder Kane Tanaka died at the age of 119.

At 118 years and 73 days old, a nun from French has now become the world’s oldest human being after the death of former record holder Kane Tanaka who died at the age of 119 years and 107 days.

Sister Andre born Lucile Random on 11 February 1904 is the oldest verified living person across the globe as per the Guinness World Record.

Earlier Japanese woman Kane Tanaka was named for the title but she passed away on 19 April last year in western Japan at the age of 119.

Notably, Sister Andre is the 3rd oldest person in Europe and also the 3rd oldest human being in France ever documented.

Moreover, the French nun is regarded as the oldest living nun in the world as there was no other person with the designation to survive this old age.

Know about the world’s oldest person:

Lucile Random became a catholic nun in 1944 and in the same year she adopted the name, Sister Andre.

During the years 1939 and 1945 i.e. 2nd World War period, Sister Andre worked as a teacher in schools, governess and caretaker for children.

After the war ended, she worked with elderly people and orphans for 28 years in a hospital located in Vichyin of Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes in France.

She has spent the previous 12 years of her life in her retirement home in France and survived global pandemics two times.

In 1918, the French nun survived the deadly Influenza epidemic called Spanish flu that killed more than 50 billion population

In the past two years, the nun has also survived the deadly COVID-19 pandemic for which she holds the distinction of being the oldest COVID-19 survivor.

Sister Andre is now unable to hear and moves with the help of a wheelchair. She wakes up at 07:00 am in the morning and works on her desk after breakfast.

One of the staff members from the care home of Sister Andre said that her glass of wine maintains her which is perhaps her longevity secret and her guilty pleasure is chocolate.

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