Dubai Metro users report delays; RTA issues statement

Dubai Metro has experienced a temporary delay on its services on the Red Line on Friday but the issue has been resolved and service is back to normal, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has tweeted.

Delays of a few minutes were noted as the train moved from one station to another.

In a statement, the RTA confirmed that a technical glitch disrupted services. Commuters say the disruption started at around 9.30am. By 10.28am, the authority said services were back to normal.

A commuter said the train she was riding on stopped just before Sobha Realty station, not moving for at least 8 minutes.

A view of the station ahead showed another train stuck just in front of the platform.

At around 9.30am, a notice of a technical delay was announced through the Metro’s public address system.

“We are experiencing delays due to technical problems. Work is on the way to restore services,” it said. The announcement is repeated for every station from Jebel Ali towards Centrepoint.

On Thursday, a technical issue was also reported on the Red Line’s GGICO station, leading to disruption of Metro services. Buses had been deployed to transport passengers.

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