China Taiwan News: Bypassing China’s threat, America will increase trade with Taiwan

China Taiwan News: US-Taiwan mutual trade priorities will be enhanced on the basis of shared values. This will lead to innovation and inclusive economic growth for workers and businesses.

Ignoring China’s threat, the US has announced to start formal trade talks for more investment and deeper trading ties in Taiwan. His attempt is an economic siege of the dragon. Sarah Bianchi, deputy representative of the US Department of Trade, said that formal talks on trade have been started under the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT) and the Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office (TECRO). As a result, trade and investment ties between Taiwan and the United States will be deepened.

Mutual trade priorities between the two sides will be promoted on the basis of shared values. This will lead to innovation and inclusive economic growth for workers and businesses. In June this year, AIT and TECRO announced a roadmap for trade negotiations between the US and Taiwan in the 21st century.

The two sides have set agenda for dialogue on 11 topics such as trade facilitation, good regulatory practices, strong anti-corruption standards, enhancing trade between small and medium enterprises, promoting agricultural trade, removing discriminatory barriers to trade.

China protested

China has protested against the trade talks between the US and Taiwan. Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin said that China opposes any country’s formal trade deal and agreement with Taiwan. America should not take any such step, which is against the one China policy, which is the basis of relations between the two countries. China will take all necessary steps to protect its national sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Taiwan launched F-16 fighter jets in the exercise

Taiwan has launched state-of-the-art F-16 aircraft in the maneuver. These aircraft manufactured by the American company Lockheed Martin are considered to be the most dangerous fighter jets of the fourth generation. Aircraft equipped with Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar are unmatched in precision targeting. It comes with Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System, which makes it considered the best for the safety of the pilots. These aircraft are the backbone of Taiwan’s Air Force with all modern technologies.

Japan expressed opposition to China

Japanese officials meet Chinese officials in Beijing. During this, he protested against China for falling missiles in its exclusive economic zone. The meeting was attended by Yang Jiechi, Senior Adviser on Chinese Foreign Affairs and Akiba Takeo, Head of the National Security Secretariat from the Japanese side. China said that Japan should adopt a rational policy.

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