Australian Man Slams Government After Daughter Die In Hot Car

A man in Australia is criticising the Queensland government after his two little daughters died inside a hot car, according to Peter Jackson, the girls’ father, said the state’s child safety department failed to take any action despite numerous complaints made by him. The tragic incident took place in 2019 when Darcey-Helen (aged 2) and Chloe-Ann Conley (aged 1) were left in a car outside their Brisbane home by their mother Kerri-Ann Conley. The little girls were in the car for nine hours as temperatures soared past 60 degrees Celsius, according to the outlet.

“They were innocent babies: just one and two years old, and they had their whole lives ahead of them,” he told

“Every day since then has been a living nightmare. My world has unravelled and I will never be the same after losing them,” Mr Jackson added.

The girls died because the woman was addicted to ice (crystal meth). Mr Jackson agrees the ultimate responsibility was Ms Conley’s, who was “high on ice” when the girls were “left in boiling cars”, but wants the Queensland government to take some of the blame too.

Mr Jackson claimed the state’s child safety department was aware of Ms Conley’s addiction problem when she was given the responsibility to care for children.

“Knowing that their deaths should never, ever have been allowed to happen makes the loss of Darcey and Chloe even worse,” he said.

“They ignored repeated reports about the danger the girls were both in while in their mother’s care,” he said.

He also claimed that in 2018, Ms Conley had told officials she wished to “swap one of the girls for an iPhone”, as per the report.

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