Australia To Give $74 Million As Assistance Package To Ukraine

Sydney: The Australian government will provide a new A$110 million ($73.5 million) package to Ukraine including 70 military vehicles to defend against Russia’s invasion, Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said on Monday.

The package will include 28 M113 armoured vehicles, 14 special operations vehicles, 28 medium trucks and 14 trailers.

“Australia is unwavering in our resolve to condemn and oppose Russia’s actions and to help Ukraine achieve victory,” Albanese said.

Australia will also extend duty-free access for goods imported from Ukraine for a further 12 months, to support its recovery and trade opportunities, the statement said.

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The additional commitments take Australia’s total contribution to support Ukraine to A$790 million, including A$610 million in military assistance.

Albanese added the new assistance package was prepared before the news that mercenaries briefly took control of the Russian city of Rostov on Saturday, in one of the biggest challenges to President Vladimir Putin’s grip on power since the war began last year.

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