Google Chrome version 100 rollout marks a century of updates with a new logo

Chrome version 100 is now being rolled out to Google’s beloved browser, bringing a refreshed look and handy new updates. Here is a look.

Google’s Chrome browser versions stretched to triple-digits today, with the release of Chrome 100. A stable build of the new Chrome 100 is now rolling out on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. With it, Google now also brings a refreshed logo for the Chrome browser, updating it for the first time since 2014.

The most used web browser in the world turning 100 was bound to be a celebration. Though Google has restricted most of it to displaying Chrome’s success since its inception in 2008. With that, the company has put up a new blog on its developers website which gives glimpses of Chrome’s history, addresses possible issues with going to triple digits, and introduces new possibilities for website developers. There are no new features in the update.

Among the issues, Google states that many of those addressed with Chrome 100 have been fixed already. However, it calls upon website maintainers to test Chrome 100, and report to Google if they face any issues. The same appeal has been made for the Firefox 100, which will roll out “very soon.”

“These three digit version numbers have the potential to cause issues on sites that rely on identifying the browser version in some way,” writes Pete LePage, a Developer Advocate with Google. Testing and reports of any issues with Chrome 100 will thus help Google iron out any incompatibilities. “If you are a website maintainer, test your website with Chrome and Firefox 100,” LePage writes.

Chrome 100 will also serve as the last version to support “an unreduced User-Agent string by default.” With the subsequent updates, Google will replace the use of the User-Agent string, with the new User-Agent Client Hints API.

Google has also introduced a new Multi-Screen Window Placement API with Chrome 100. The new API will allow users to place windows on specific screens when other displays are also connected to the primary machine. Google states that this will serve as an important function for some apps which require a proper, distributed arrangement of your windows.

There are a few more additions that Chrome 100 brings for developers. In case you don’t see the new version on your Chrome browser right away, you can expect to see it soon. So make sure you keep an eye on the update.Live TV

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