ChatGPT creator Sam Altman is in India, says some jobs are going to go away because of AI

ChatGPT’s parent company OpenAI’s CEO, Sam Altman, has often admitted the possibility of AI taking away human jobs. However, he has also said that due to the boom in AI, a lot of newer jobs will also be created for humans. Altman is in India currently and as per reports, will also be meeting PM Narendra Modi during his visit. The young entrepreneur, who is behind the chatbot that has the potential to change the world, talked about the future of AI in an interview with Economic Times.

Sam Altman on AI taking human jobs

In conversation with the publication, Altman said that ‘some jobs’ will be going away due to AI but new ones will be created as well. When he was asked if AI will cause job loss, the CEO said, “Every tech revolution leads to job change. In two generations, we can adapt to any amount of labour market change and there are new jobs and they are usually better. That is going to happen here, too. Some jobs are going to go away. There will be new, better jobs that are difficult to imagine today.”

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Sam Altman also talked about AI regulation in the interview. Recently, the OpenAI CEO had made headlines for talking about AI regulation in front of US lawmakers. He had said that OpenAI is willing to cooperate with the government in order to ensure that AI is regulated.

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