Apple working on new health app for iPhone users

Apple has been a frontrunner when it comes to connecting gadgets with health. The company has been praised for its devices, which are not only high-tech but also life-saving. Devices like the Apple Watch have even become essential to people’s lives, helping them track their vitals, exercise, and more. Now, with the aim of taking its users’ health and wellness journey to the next level, the company is said to be designing a new app that will track their physical and mental health.

Apple is reportedly developing a new iPhone app for physical and mental health tracking. This app will allow users to document their daily activities and behaviours. According to The Wall Street Journal, the app will include a journaling feature and a personalization feature that suggests potential topics to write about, such as workouts, daily activities and thoughts.

Additionally, the app will offer an ‘All Day People Discovery’ feature that will detect when a user is physically close to other people. The information about the journaling app was obtained by the WSJ from documents they reviewed and signals Apple’s continued efforts to expand its reach in the health and wellness space.

The upcoming journaling app is said to differ from existing third-party journaling apps by gathering a larger amount of user data, including text messages and phone calls, to help users track their health. Despite this, Apple focuses on privacy and security to make the app more secure. It is said that the app will analyze the user’s data on their device and provide journaling suggestions that are retained for four weeks before being removed. This way, users’ data will be safe and privacy will be kept.

As for the release date, Apple’s upcoming journaling app is still not official and the upcoming company is yet to comment on it. However, it is speculated that Apple may announce its launch during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June, when a preview of iOS 17 is also expected. Additionally, the documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal did not disclose if the app would be offered for a fee.

It is also said that Apple’s upcoming journaling app is part of the company’s efforts to prioritize health and wellness. With a focus on supporting users’ physical and mental well-being through its products and services, the app could provide an integrated solution for users to monitor their daily activities and reflect on their overall health and lifestyle if it is released.

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