Amazon will no longer send you damaged products, will use AI technology to check products before shipping

Are you all tired of e-commerce giant sending damaged products? Well, Amazon is going to take help of AI to fix the issue. According to Wall Street Journal report, Amazon is making a big change to its warehouses to ensure that customers receive products in good condition. They are using artificial intelligence (AI) to check items before they are shipped. This means that fewer damaged goods will be sent out, and the process of picking and packing orders will be faster. It is also a step towards having more automation in Amazon’s warehouses.

Right now, workers in Amazon’s warehouses have to carefully examine each item for any signs of damage. Most of the time workers are unable to pay attention to the minor damages because the product load is so much.The entire process of manually screening the products is also time-consuming and difficult task, especially since most items are usually in great condition. By using AI, Amazon hopes to improve the efficiency of their warehouses, especially when it comes to inspecting items and making sure they are of good quality.

This decision by Amazon follows a trend in the industry to use AI in logistics. Many companies are looking for ways to make their operations more streamlined and efficient. Amazon wants to automate more tasks in their warehouses to reduce the physical strain on human workers and address labor shortages.

Using AI in logistics means developing technology that can replace tasks that are usually done by humans, such as selecting items, packing orders, and checking for damage. This technology needs to be able to accurately perform these tasks, including identifying damaged items.

For Amazon, it is crucial to minimize the number of damaged items sent to customers because it affects their overall experience. That’s why Amazon has already started using AI in two of its warehouses and plans to expand it to ten more locations in North America and Europe. According to Christoph Schwerdtfeger, a Software Development Manager at Amazon, the AI system is three times better than a human worker at identifying damaged items.

The AI inspection happens during the picking and packing stages of the warehouse process. As items are selected and put into bins for orders, they go through an imaging station where they are checked for accuracy. Now, with AI, this imaging station also examines the items for any damage. If an item is flagged as damaged, a human worker takes a closer look. If the item seems undamaged, it moves on to the packing stage and then gets shipped to the customer.

To train the AI, Amazon used a collection of pictures showing both undamaged and damaged items. By comparing these images, the AI system learned to recognize the differences between items in perfect condition and those with flaws. This helps the AI system flag items that are not perfect during the inspection process.

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