Amazon India lays off employees in HR, web services departments: details inside

Amazon India has laid off hundreds of employees in recent weeks, as part of a larger round of layoffs at the company. The recent layoffs have also affected employees based in India. People in a variety of roles, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), People Experience and Technology Solutions (PXT), and other business units have been affected in the layoffs.

The layoffs in India are part of a larger trend of job cuts at Amazon. In March, CEO Andy Jassy announced that the company would be laying off 9,000 employees worldwide. The layoffs were attributed to a number of factors, including the slowdown in growth of AWS revenues and the macroeconomic conditions.

As per a Business Today report, the layoffs in India have had a significant impact on the company’s workforce. According to sources, the layoffs have affected hundreds of employees, and the number could rise in the coming weeks. So far 400 to 500 employees based in India have been alerted about the termination of their roles.

“On Friday, my whole team was laid off, 17 people in total. I checked around roughly hundred people have been fired from PXT last week alone. PXT is one of the most vulnerable verticals,” an employee from the PXT team has told the publication.

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