Nikola Jokic was jokingly ready to fight Bruce Brown over this game-sealing 3-point shot against the Heat

In an NBA Finals where Jamal Murray and Nikola Jokic are making history pretty much every time they step on the court for the Denver Nuggets, you’d probably never expect a game to come down to a big 4th quarter from *checks notes* Bruce Brown.

But that’s exactly what happened in Game 4 against the Miami Heat.

Heading into the 4th quarter the Nuggets had a sizeable lead, but it was chopped down to five after Jokic got his 5th foul and had to go to the bench. Jamal Murray stabilized things with a 3-pointer, but the Nuggets’ offense still struggled to do much of anything.

That is, until Bruce Brown decided to play the hero. Brown scored 14 points in the quarter, including this absolutely stunning sidestep 3-pointer over Duncan Robinson off of the dribble.

Y’all. That is a tough shot. From Bruce Brown of all people. That’s something you’d expect Jamal Murray to take.

Now, to be fair to Brown, there was only about a minute and a half left in the game and the Nuggets were up by 14 already. This shot wasn’t necessarily going to make or break them. But, still, it was gutsy. And probably not the most ideal shot for Brown to be taking in that moment.

It certainly had  Jokic nervous. Take a look at his hilarious reaction in the moment.

That’s a classic “no, no, no, YES!” moment from Jokic right there. He couldn’t believe Brown took that shot, but he also couldn’t believe it went it. The relief he very clearly feels by the end of the possession is amazing.

He talked us through his thoughts at this moment during the postgame press conference and, yep, he felt exactly how he looked there.

“He had an amazing night and he was really aggressive in the 4th quarter. He and Aaron [Gordon] were really, really, really good. They were amazing. But when he did a step back three, I almost…I wanted to punch him but when he made it, I was so happy.” 

EL. OH. EL. What an incredible quote. Shoutout to Bruce Brown, though. That’s how you take your shot and make it, man. And the entire team loved it, too, even if they didn’t know how it was going to turn out.

You love to see it.


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