Nikola Jokic delivers all-time quote about his draft snub

Nikola Jokic went from being the No. 41 overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft to becoming a two-time league MVP and now NBA champion. Jokic was so lowly regarded in 2014 that when he was drafted, a Taco Bell commercial was playing.

Jokic was asked about that snub during an interview with ESPN’s Malika Andrews after winning the NBA Finals on Monday night. He delivered an all-time quote in response.

“They didn’t believe in the fat boy. It seems like it worked out. Don’t bet against the fat boy,” Jokic said.

That is a great quote.

Though he may have been a fat boy during his youth, he is in good condition now. The 6-foot-11 Denver Nuggets center nearly averaged a triple-double during the regular season while playing 33.7 minutes per game.

Don’t bet against the fat boy.

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