New greenhouse gas emissions plan to be tabled in Parliament today

OTTAWA – Environment Minister Steven Guilbeault will table a new greenhouse gas emissions plan in Parliament this morning.

The plan is a legal requirement under the net-zero accountability law the Liberals passed last year.

It will model emissions projections for different sectors that are feasible and necessary to achieve Canada’s current goal to curb emissions to no more than 60 percent of what they were in 2005 before the end of the decade.

The plan was supposed to be tabled by the end of December but Guilbeault exercised a clause allowing him to ask for three more months.

He says Canadians will see something in the plan they never have before: a road map to actually meet a climate target.

Canada has issued at least 11 plans and set nine different emissions targets since 1988, but has never met a single one of them.

This report by The Canadian Press was first published March 29, 2022.

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