Congress Parliamentary Party To Meet On April 5

The Congress Parliamentary party (CPP) will hold a meeting on April 5 to strategise for the last leg of the budget session, which ends on April 8.

The Congress Parliamentary party (CPP) will hold a meeting on Tuesday, April 5 to strategise for the last leg of the budget session. Interim Congress President, Sonia Gandhi will preside over the meeting on Tuesday at 9.30 am in the Parliament.

There are seven bills slated for discussion in the Rajya Sabha in the last week of the ongoing budget session, including the ‘The Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill’ and ‘The Delhi Municipal Corporation (Amendment) Bill’. Lok Sabha has already passed six of the seven bills listed on the agenda of the Rajya Sabha. The very contentious Criminal Procedure (Identification) Bill, 2022 passed in the Lok Sabha intends to, for the purpose of records, take biological and physical information of the accused and convicts (including finger and retina scans).

The last leg of the budget session commenced on March 14 and will end on April 8. The first leg of the budget session began on January 31 and concluded on February 11. The Congress Party has been firing multiple salvos against the ruling BJP Government following a series of petrol and diesel rate hikes. The rates of both petrol and diesel have been hiked by nearly Rs 8 per litre in the last two weeks.

CPP meet before the upcoming elections in Himachal Pradesh and Gujarat

There is also a lot of ongoing internal boil in the party, post the announcement of the election results in the five states – Manipur, Punjab, Uttarahand, Goa and Uttar Pradesh. The party lost power in Punjab to Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) and wasn’t able make a mark in any of the other four states. The party is at an all time low in Uttar Pradesh winning just 2 seats in the 403-seat assembly.

The G-23 dissident group also held multiple meetings in the form of individual parleys with Rahul Gandhi and Sonia Gandhi after the Congress Working Committee decided to unanimously elect Sonia Gandhi as the interim President of the party until the elections are held.

The meet also comes in the backdrop of the upcoming assembly elections in Himachal Pradsh and Gujarat, this year. Overall, Congress currently has Chief Ministers in Chhattisgarh and Rajasthan and is a coalition partner in Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand.

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