People are amazed by Emma Watson’s ‘levitating’ dress in her photo

Emma Watson’s new Instagram post has the internet stumped.

On June 19, the 33-year-old actor uploaded three posts to the social media platform to promote her luxury gin company, with her brother, Alex Watson.

But one photo caught fans’ attention because it appears the Brown University graduate has learned how to defy gravity.

In her second post, the “Harry Potter” star and her younger brother pose next to each other while wearing matching outfits. He sports a button-down light blue shirt and khakis. She dons a pale blue draped dress that, unknowingly, doubled as an optical illusion.


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The angle of the photo and the shape of the dress’s neckline make it appear as if her straps are floating and not attached to her body.

Fans struggled to figure out the design of the Loewe dress and joked about their confusion in the comments.

One person referenced a levitating spell from the “Harry Potter” films and wrote, “The dress said wingardium leviosa.”

The “Harry Potter” jokes kept coming.

Another said, “This is what happens when you say LeviOsa instead of Leviosa,” referring to a funny scene in “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.” In the first film from the beloved franchise, Emma Watson’s precocious character, Hermione, corrects Ron’s (Rupert Grint) pronunciation of the elevation spell before making a feather float.

Other fans continued to focus on the construction of the dress. One social media user said, “This dress is defying physics.”

A similar comment read, “This dress is levitating.”

Some were so baffled by her outfit that they spent quite some time trying to determine how to wear it.

“After reading through comments I feel less bad about how long I had to stare at her dress to figure out what was happening,” one person said before including a crying-laughing emoji.

One fan wondered if the dress was somehow attached to the actor’s ear.

When one Instagram user asked for help to “make the dress make sense,” another replied and said she found a second picture of the Loewe design on the Spanish luxury fashion house’s Instagram page.

In March, the fashion brand shared a picture of “Pose” actor Indya Moore modeling the same optical illusion. However, fans were still puzzled after seeing the other post.

“Anyone here to cross reference what Emma Watson was wearing??” one person asked on the March post.

One responded and said the Loewe post wasn’t helpful.

“Problem is, it didn’t answer my questions haha,” read the comment.

While her fans were debating the mystifying dress, Emma Watson was more focused on spending time with her brother and promoting their family’s alcohol company, Renais. But, she decided to poke fun at another recent look.

On June 20, the “Little Women” star shared a funny picture on her Instagram story of the siblings lounging on two sofas with green masks on their faces and towels on their heads.

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