US Teen Kills Parents And Siblings Because “They Were Cannibals”

An 18-year-old man has been arrested in Texas, US, on murder charges after authorities allege he killed his parents and two siblings because he believed that they were “cannibals” planning on eating him. According to CBS News, Cesar Olalde was arrested on Tuesday and charged with capital murder of multiple people, including his 5-year-old brother.

The police in Texas said that they went to Mr Olalde’s home after getting a report that a man had harmed his family and was threatening to kill himself. When they arrived at the location, they then learned that the 18-year-old was holed up, and family members were inside.

According to the report, the teen, while barricaded inside his home, had called the cops, saying “he had pulled the trigger, and shot his family”. The cops persuaded Mr Olalde to surrender and then found the bodies of his parents, Reuben Olalde and Aida Garcia, older sister Lisbet Olalde and younger brother Oliver Olalde in a bathroom.

“It appeared as if the victims had been shot at various places in the residence and [had been dragged] to the bathroom,” the cops said, as per the outlet. “Multiple spent cartridge casings” were found on the floor of the home, and there was “blood spatter on multiple surfaces,” they added.

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According to a probable cause affidavit by Nash Police Officer Craig Buster, a coworker of Lisbet Olalde had gone to the house because she’d missed work that day. He knocked on the door but got no response. The coworker, together with a family member who had also arrived to check on the family, then forced his way inside, where he was confronted by Mr Olalde.

The 18-year-old had allegedly pointed a gun at the man several times. The coworker told the cops that Mr Olalde said: “He had killed his family because they were cannibals, and they were going to eat him”.As per New York Post, the 18-year-old was ordered jailed on $10 million bond. Police said the investigation remains ongoing.

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