China’s threats ineffective on America: Now US governor reaches Taiwan, will meet President Sai Ing-wen tomorrow

US governor reaches Taiwan: Eric has tweeted the details of his tour. He told in his tweet that he will meet Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen on Monday morning. From Taiwan he will travel to South Korea. “I look forward to further strengthening the US partnership with Taiwan and South Korea this week,” he said. Despite […]


Japan PM Fumio Kishida Covid Positive Amid Spike In Cases In The Country

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has tested positive for Covid-19. He is currently resting at the prime minister’s official residence. Tokyo: Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has been infected with COVID-19 and is recuperating at his official residence, his office said on Sunday. Fumio Kishida, just returned from week-long vacation, was due to restart work […]


Russian President Vladimir Putin announces, women to have 10 children, said – if everyone is alive, then there will be a reward of millions

Russian President Vladimir Putin has made a unique offer to the women of his country to have 10 or more children. In return, they will also be given money. At the same time, experts are considering this offer of Putin as a decision taken in desperation. According to the President’s new proposal, the government will […]


China Taiwan News: Bypassing China’s threat, America will increase trade with Taiwan

China Taiwan News: US-Taiwan mutual trade priorities will be enhanced on the basis of shared values. This will lead to innovation and inclusive economic growth for workers and businesses. Ignoring China’s threat, the US has announced to start formal trade talks for more investment and deeper trading ties in Taiwan. His attempt is an economic […]

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Economic slowdown: China urges push to boost sluggish economy

Economic slowdown: China’s premier has called on the country’s richest provinces to offer economic support to boost pro-growth measures. The country saw consumption and output unexpectedly slow down in July. “A sense of urgency must be strengthened to consolidate the foundation for economic recovery,” Premier Li Keqiang said. An uncompromising zero-Covid approach sharply slowed China’s […]