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E-bikes, electric scooters, one-wheelers, and e-skates have become options for people who want a different and more sustainable way to travel. While e-scooters make short work of “last mile” distances, e-bikes combine foot and motor powers to give you a longer and faster ride. But for all the convenience and freedom they offer, e-bikes also bring new challenges, especially when it comes to rider safety. Typical cycling helmets are no longer enough to provide needed protection, but motorcycle helmets are also overkill and burdensome for a vehicle that’s supposed to embody agility. The answer is to combine the best of both worlds, providing the same full-head safety of motorcycle helmets with the lightweight comfort of cycling helmets. Pulling that off is no easy feat, but that is exactly what this innovative eBike helmet is bringing to the table, promising safe biking, comfortable rides, and eye-catching good looks in a single package.

Bike helmets are designed to be lighter than their motorcycle cousins because of the need for better aerodynamics and lesser fatigue on the head of cyclists. They offer only the minimum protection possible, which is often enough, at least compared to accidents involving motorbikes. E-bikes, however, are changing the equation because of their significantly increased speeds and use on riskier roads and paths. You can’t simply put on a motorcycle helmet and call it a day because of the different dynamics required by e-bikes. Not to mention you’re going to be the target of strange looks while pedaling down a bike lane.

VIRGO is the solution that brings the benefits of both kinds of helmets with none of their drawbacks. Made with a polycarbonate shell on the outside and a protective EPS (expanded polystyrene) layer on the inside, this helmet designed for e-bikes retains the lightweight and comfortable properties of regular bike helmets. The difference, however, is that this single shell also covers your chin and jaw, giving you full-face protection like a motorcycle helmet.

The VIRGO helmet was made to meet the requirements of regulations like the new NTA-8776 for e-bikes, which means that this helmet is certified to handle speeds up to 45 mph. Even better, it also complies with the EN 1078/CPSC, which means it’s qualified for use with regular, old-fashioned bikes as well. And when unfortunate accidents do happen, the optional inner MIPS system helps reduce the rotational motion of most impacts that is the cause of most concussions and brain-related injuries.

The safety goodness doesn’t stop there either. VIRGO comes with a detachable swivel visor that protects your eyes from both sunlight glare as well as blinding dust. The visor lens will be polished and rounded on the corners, just like how it’s made on various helmets in the market. There’s also a detachable LED light whose simple appearance belies its smartness. Its built-in accelerometer can detect when you’re slowing down and lights up to give vehicles behind you a heads-up. It also glows red in low-light situations to increase your visibility and avoid accidents before they even happen.

The VIRGO helmet comes in a handsome design with four stylish colors to choose from, letting it match your style instead of getting in the way. And best of all, all of this safety comes at a very affordable price of $99, or $129 if you opt to go with the inner MIPS system. Whether you’re biking for fun or for daily commutes, on your powerful e-bike, or even on your trusty old metal steed, the VIRGO Cycling Helmet gives you the full-head protection you need to bike in confidence and in style.

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